Jason Voorhees Tribute and Murderer from B.I.G. Sergio

Monsters U and World War Z kills White House Down at Box Office

Monsters University has held strong grabbing another $46 million and holding the number 1 spot.  The Heat buddy comedy with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy took home a healthy $40 million.  Literally matching it's budget in it's first week.

White House Down bombed at only $25 million dollars.. Which was 4th.  World War Z killed it's way to another $29 million in it's 2nd week. 

Monsters U has taken in $171 million in USA dollars and another $129 million internationally.  That's $300 million already for a film still at number 1.  World War Z has taken a total of $123 million  in US bank and another $135 in overseas money.  That makes it a big time hit at $259 million total.

The Man Of Steel continues to strong no signs of going away.  It landed at $20.8 million more dollars.  That will put it at $248 million in the USA.  And another $271 million overseas.  That's a total of $520 million dollars.  That makes it the biggest Superman movie ever.  Up next Batman (Keaton) (USA only) It's dusted it worldwide by $120 million already.  Another 2 days it should over take it.  It won't catch The Dark Knight Rises.  But, my guess will be $600-$700 million total.  He's back so get ready for the sequels. 

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