Final Man Of Steel Box Office Updates

 Newest Update 12:15pm CDT:

Man of Steel final estimates are in for the first 4 day run.  Man of Steel grabbed $125 million in the United States and a additional $71 million dollars overseas.  That is a total of $196 million in it's first 4 days. 

That makes it the largest opening in June Box Office History.  Beating Toy Story 3 in the 3 day head to head $110 million to $113 million.  It looks as if the Man Of Steel has finally relaunched Superman.

Update: Man of Steel's international totals are starting to roll in. UK grabbed up an additional $5.2 million alone. That sets up Man Of Steel at $25.7 million in Overseas cash. Throw in a total of $56 million in the States. And it grossed $82 million through Friday. Yeah, Friday.

News continues to trickle in from the Friday box office estimates. With Man Of Steel grabbing somewhere around $45 million dollars on Friday.

Estimates are now coming in around $120 million for Friday-Sunday. And $132 million with Wal Mart's advance screenings.

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