The Purge owns the Box Office!

It has been a while since horror has owned a massive box office tally. The Purge showed up with monster numbers for a horror movie. The Ethan Hawke led flick about 1 day used to get rid of people you want to "purge" out of your life grabbed a healthy $36 million dollars at the box office. With a $3 million dollar budget it is already a sizable hit. The Fast and Furious 6 pulled another $19.7 million dollars. Grabbing a insane $200 million domestically and $584 million worldwide. Now You See Me held strong with $19.5 million bringing it's total to a respectable $61 million in two weeks. Another week and it will probably turn a profit. After Earth continued to fall. Was number 7 at the box office with $11 million. And a total of $46 million in two weeks. However, what will be lost is the massive $48 million it grabbed overseas. Totally a now more respectable $95 million in two weeks. It will at least break even before hauling in dvd sales, etc.

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