Man of Steel Has Almost Made It's Budget Back Already?

I have no idea why I like box office numbers but, I do. And this tidbit seemed interesting. According to The Hollywood Reporter The Man Of Steel is nearing making it's budget back already. It seems the superhero hitched himself to over 100 global product partners for a tally equaling $170 million dollars. Product placement with the likes of Gillette, Mattel, Walmart, Fisher Price, Lego, Converse, Chrysler, Hershey, Nokia, Sears, Carl's Jr., Roebuck & Co., Hardee, Kellogg, Kinetics, Warby Parker and even the U.S. Army National Guard. Very interesting that before Superman actually makes a single theater sales ticket back it will have nearly broke even. Throw in DVD sales later. And it will likely be one of the bigger hits ever.

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