Hannibal: The Greatest Show You've Never Watched

I have made no bones about the fact that I love NBC's Hannibal.  I had a lot of concerns about this show when I heard it was coming.  None of which were people NOT watching.  That has actually shocked me.

This is me giving you a couple reasons to go see the first season.  So you can support it in it's second season.

Now that NBC has renewed this fantastic show you can catch up with it.

1) Hugh Dancy and Will Graham.  I was not familiar with Hugh Dancy.  But, he is a fantastic actor.  He is portraying Will Graham as a unstable, brooding, likable, and brilliant member of a FBI team.  He is Dexter as a FBI agent if Dexter was depressed and had less of a comedic flare.  This show could be about him and it would be worth watching alone. He is completely on the edge of breaking but, you can not stop pulling for him.  If he does not win a Emmy then they need to quit giving the award out. 

2) Visually the most stunning show on TV.  The thing that struck me from episode 1 is the actual literal look of the show.  The camera angles, shots, scenes are unique and beautiful.  It's surprisingly gory for network TV.  It gives The Walking Dead a run for it's money any day.  The use of the elk, clouds, and even Dr. Lecter's office is something to behold. The aftermath of the killings themselves is visually wonderful. 

3) Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal.  Ok, I admit it took me about 3 episodes to warm up to his brand of being Hannibal.  He's got a different accent then Anthony Hopkins.  It's extremely rough.  However, after a few episodes he becomes almost a anti-hero.  His constant banter with Will Graham and Jack Crawford is fantastic.  He has a answer for most everything.  And toward the end of the season you realize he is the essence of evil itself.  Evil, twisting, plotting, and some how still likable.  He is not over the top.  Almost scary in his calmness.

4) Guest Stars.  Gillian Anderson (X-Files), Eddie Izzard (who plays a fantastic Hannibal like killer), and the every episode starring Laurence Fishburne are all solid and at times fantastic. 

5) The Writing.  I do not remember a show that has writing week in and week out this good.  Every episode has been essentially a 45 minute movie.  And a damn good one.  It forces you to concentrate on the show just from sheer back and forth between the actors during conversation.  This is NOT Duck Dynasty.  Or the taxing arguing of The Walking Dead.  This is real, genuine, hardcore acting.  The dialog is brilliant. 

I believe Hannibal will actually get picked up eventually after next season by a cable channel.  It simply will not pull the numbers for NBC.  However, it would go great right before or after Bates Motel on A and E.  Or even after The Walking Dead.  It's numbers would be right in line for being most cable channel's top show. 

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