"The Wolverine" Slashes the box office with International!!

Updated: With International Totals! The box office weekend looked REAL promising for The Wolverine. The 2nd installment of the Origins of Wolverine. Personally, I thought the 1st one was the best of the X-Men franchise movies with First Class being a close 2nd. Fact is I am a big superhero movie fan however, I was not impressed with any of the 3 X-Men movies. To me they pale in comparison to the Iron Mans, Dark Knights, and Man of Steels of the world.

Anyway, The Wolverine started very strong for the weekend. Opening with $21 million on Friday with a another $4 million from late night Thursday screenings. However, it has since taken a turn downward.

It will take number 1 at the Box Office but, it's going to struggle to hit $55 million. The original forecast was $65-80 million. Ouch. This also continues the string of big budget movies struggling. I will say this. This movie WILL NOT bomb. More than 50% of this movie's take will come overseas and with a $125 million budget. International totals just came in and they're huge. The Wolverine did $86 million in overseas money. That's $141 million worldwide and it blows past it's budget.

The Conjuring continues to get butts in the seats and will take number 2. Add another $22-24 million and you have a $85 million total for 2 weeks. Wow. The little horror movie that could. Add another $12 million overseas. And The Conjuring is at $95 million overall.

Despicable Me 2 grabbed another $16 million from the kids and parents. It has now grossed a insane $306 million in USA dollars.

Red 2 continued to struggle taking in another $8.7 million. That's a $34 million total in 2 weeks. Ouch. The 1st movie however, did big money overseas. Add $17 million overseas. That's $52 million total.

Pacific Rim (which I saw yesterday (yawn)) continues to go off strong word of mouth (I have no idea why) and critical acclaim grabbed $7.5 million for a $83 million USA total. Important to note it's made $185 million worldwide. The international came in and it's pretty big. Pacific Rim has now made $140 million worldwide. That gives it $224 million total and now $35 million passed it's budget.

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