"The Conjuring" gaining Massive Weekend Box Office!

Horror will have it's day again at the box office or at least it's weekend. The Conjuring directed by James Wan is on pace for a massive $35-$40 take at the weekend's box office. It will be number 1.

Red 2 is opening flat vs Red with a estimated $15-20 million. I suspect it will do pretty well overseas. The 1st installment gained a healthy $108 million overseas. Big difference this time. Red 2 has a $84 million budget vs a $58 million dollar budget last time. It does have some pretty strong word of mouth reviews and frankly I really liked the 1st one even though I believed I was going to hate it.

RIPD is bombing plain and simple. The $155 million dollar budgeted Men in Black with dead people starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges is only predicting to open at around $15 million and that's on the generous side. Ouch. I do believe it will fare better overseas where movies like Men in Black make about 55-60% of it's earnings.

Hell, even Will Smith's After Earth is a bonafide hit overseas and has made $215 million total... Remember that film was considered a bomb and it has now made about $80 million profit. That's before blu-ray and dvd. (Keep a eye on Lone Ranger overseas) It's grossed $50 million overseas and $126 million total).

Pacific Rim has made another $14-16 million in the USA. Bringing it's total to $110 million worldwide. It still needs another $80 million to break even. However, the overseas totals will start coming in on Sunday.

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