Pacific Rim Rocks Box Office!

Updated: 4:00CDT

Pacific Rim opened with a strong $38 million USA box office which was good but, only good for 3rd in the weekend box office tally.  Despicable Me 2 ran neck and neck with Grown Ups 2 all weekend... They both traded places throughout the weekend.

Me 2 added another $44 million and now has a insane $229 million in USA box office.  Throw in another $243 million overseas and that's $476 million for a budget of $76 million.  Good chance we get a Me 3 at some point.

Grown Ups 2 despite absolutely horrible critical reviews grabbed $42.5 million.  That made up more than half it's budget in the 1st week.  Grown Ups 2 finished 2nd to Me 2.  Pacific Rim was 3rd.

Rim may look like a borderline bomb except it opened internationally as well.  The robot vs monster flick got another $53 million overseas.  And finished with a huge $91 million dollar overall haul.  Also, people on social media and word of mouth may prove strong for this flick.  Every where I look somebody said it was good.

Lone Ranger pulled $11 million and now has $71 million in the USA.  It has added a pretty impressive $48 million in overseas money for a $119 million total... Makes me wonder if it won't end up being like Waterworld.  That pulled a very good overseas and dvd haul and last I check has made a good profit after being labeled one of the biggest bombs ever.

Man of Steel added $4.8 million.  World wide the Superman reboot has made a massive $619 million.. World War Z has made massive money overseas.  Totaling $247 million and another $177 million after a strong $9 million haul in the USA.  That's $423 million world wide.  A real box office smash. 


R. Oliver said...

Pacific Rim made $53 million in 38 foreign markets, bringing in a worldwide box office of $91.3 million. While Pacific Rim might have been third at the domestic box office, the film was second at the worldwide box office. Even though Despicable Me won the international box office with $55.7 million and the worldwide box office with $100.5 million, the film was in 50 foreign markets, twelve more than Pacific Rim.
With Pacific Rim yet to open in several important foreign markets, the film could wind up doing extremely well at the international box office, even if it’s domestic debut gets labeled a disappointment. Here's the article:

rockbot said...

Worldwide had not been updated fully when I posted earlier. Only $19 million overseas had reported on Rim. The story has seen been updated.

R. Oliver said...

I believe that Rim is going to be a huge world wide success once it has run its course. It has just started! :)