Fuller comments on Friday the 13th Part 2!

I am a massive Jason Voorhees fan.  And I pretty big fan of the Platinum Dunes reboot (yeah, I was one of the 12 people that liked it).  All kidding aside I remember when that reboot dropped and in the first 2 days fan reviews were about 10 likes vs every 1 dislike (then it became the cool thing to hate it).

Anyway, Brad Fuller answered a Twitter question today about the upcoming Friday sequel with a possible timeline.  Check it out below.

Brad Fuller @bcfuller
@superchecco we are wrapping TMNT and Almanac over the next month. Then we will start to work on F13 .

That is a quicker timeline than I expected.  But, you would think that would put them on course for a possible June 13th release next year or and probably more likely a February 13, 2015 release.  

Hard to believe it would get a prime summer tentpole spot.  Though, I firmly believe it could do $50 million on a summer weekend depending on the competition. 

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