Lone Ranger Bombs, Me 2 Excels, Zombies and Monsters Hold Strong Box Office!

Despite the fact that I talked to the 4 people that actually went and saw Lone Ranger and they said it was "great"... And a must see. Evidently, nobody else thought that. Which leads me to believe I will believe nothing they say... The Lone Ranger which was a $250 budgeted monster came in with a whimper.... It had a 4 day holiday haul of $48 million dollars. That is some $20 million below even the lowest predictions. Wow. I still believe it's because nobody knows who the hell "Armie Hammer baking soda" is. Johnny Depp could not even save it. Ouch. Attention Hollywood people LOVE westerns.... As long as they're serious in tone. Please see True Grit, Tombstone, Unforgiven. Johnny Depp's bird on the head does not scream "serious".

Despicable Me 2 opened with a insane $140.5 million dollars over 4 days. Attention Lone Ranger now that's what a hit looks like. Monsters University continued strong with $19.5 million over the weekend and it has now owned $215 million. World War Z also dominates nicely with another $17.8 million. It's total is now at $158 million USA dollars.

Man of Steel continues to have legs with movie goers. It grabbed another $11.4 million over the weekend. Superman has now grabbed $271 million USA money.

White House Down continues to go down. It grabbed $13.5 million and now has a turn and cough $50 million total. Yikes... I continue to believe Channing Tatum is NOT box office gold. If that would've been The Rock, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, or any legit action star I believe it would have doubled it's current gross.

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