Final Box Office Estimates with Worldwide #boxoffice

The Conjuring opened to a massive $41 million and took the number 1 spot in the USA. It added another $3.4 million overseas. That's a big time $44.9 million overall. The Conjuring doubled it's budget.

Despicable Me 2 continued it's torrid pace landing another $25 million ($276 million) in the USA and was number 2. Add in $308 million overseas total and it's looking at $584 million worldwide.

The Plane re-hash of the animated Cars crash landed at 3 with $21 million. It opened last Wednesday so it got a jumped start (sorta) toward $31 million overall. It had a $135 million budget (Ouch).

Red 2 opened right on par with Red 1 (also known as just plain ol' Red) with $18.5 million and was 4th. It pulled another $7.6 million overseas. So it took $26 million worldwide. With only a $84 million budget it's going to end up doing well as I suspect it will take 50% of it's earnings worldwide.

Pacific Rim added another $15 million in the USA for 6th. But, the thing to watch is $110 million it's made overseas. Combined with $68 million in the USA it's at $178 million. $12 million under it's budget. I think it may see $300 million. Which is a healthy profit.

Now for the bomb of the weekend. RIPD (you know dead people Men in Black) with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges opened with a awful $12 million off a $130 million budget. It did add $6.7 million overseas for a ugly $19 million total worldwide. Ugh.

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