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Hannah Wins but, The Fast stays Furious - Horror Box Office

Hannah Wins but, The Fast stays Furious

Well, with all the little kiddies being out of school for good Friday Hannah Montana the Movie took the number 1 spot at the box office with a nice $34 million dollars. Definitely a good opening weekend. The Fast stayed Furious at 2nd with additional $28.8 million dollars and bringing its US total to a BIG $118 million after 2 weeks. And worldwide a $148 million dollars. Making it a already nice $60 million dollar profit. Wow. Guess you can go home again. Seth Rogan's comedy Observe and Report grabbed a decent $11 million. Opening vs Hannah didn't help. Nick Cage's The Knowing is knowing its a hit with another $6.6 million raising its US total to $68 million and its worldwide take to $93 million. The Haunting in Connecticut held strong with another $5.7 million. A US total of $46 million makes it a horror hit. And I'm suspecting it could finish in the $55 million neighborhood. Its already at $49 million worldwide. Last House on the Left made another $558,000. Raising its total to a respectable $31.7 million. On a side note a hit overseas Dragonball's film debut in the US sucked. A poor $4 million. Ouch. Taken took another $1.1 million and taking it to a monster $141 million. This movie has pulled in another $76 million internationally. Jesus $217 million for one of my favorite actors Liam Neesom who never gets enough love. The Watchmen should be thankful for the international crowd as its taken in $71 million overseas and $106 million in the US. With a budget of $150 million. Its made a nice profit now and dvd sales I'm sure will push it to another level.

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