Worldwide Box Office! Lone Ranger Turns a Profit??? Rim Massive Worldwide

So, now my favorite box office update to do. Because the true measure of success is films and how they fare overseas. It determines whether we get sequels. It also makes perceived bombs into hits.

Elysium the film has scooped up $55 million in USA dollars. The perceived semi-hit has grabbed another $47 million internationally. That makes for $93 million worldwide. On a $115 million budget this thing will be a bonafide worldwide hit before its over.

Kick Ass 2 looked like a semi-bomb. However, after bringing in only $13.6 million in US dollars it added a hair under $7 million overseas. That's $19 million on a worldwide level. It's very important to note it's $28 million budget. This thing will turn a good profit before it's said and done.

The Wolverine continues to dominate in one of those "wait The Wolverine bomb sort of ways"... No, it didn't. The Wolverine is doing huge business. It's made $120 million in USA dollars. Add a massive $214 million internationally and you have $335 million on a $120 million budget. I'd say a $200 million profit is pretty good...

Now, Pacific Rim. This is a movie that is getting rave movie goer reviews (not from me, I thought it was OK). It has nabbed $98 million in the USA. But, worldwide it has grabbed a unreal $286 million dollars. And is stomping it's way to $400 million at $384 million currently.

Red 2 which is a perceived bomb has now reached $102 million in box office dollars on a $84 million budget. Not a massive profit but, it's still got a ways to go also. So as of now the "bomb" has $20 million profit. Doubt there will be a Red 3 though (thank god).

Now for the most interesting figure I've seen in months. The Lone Ranger has turned a profit. Yes, that Lone Ranger. Before any dvd or blu ray money ever comes in. It's turned a theater profit. The Lone Ranger only made $87.8 million here in the USA. But, Internationally it pulled another $130 million. And on a $215 million budget that means the film that looked as if it would take YEARS to pull a profit (they all do even Waterworld) has now made a near $3 million profit. Hardly, worth the trouble and money spent. I just found that interesting.

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