2 Guns fights off The Wolverine at the box office!

The number 1 movie in the country goes the action movie 2 Guns with Denzel Washington and Mark Walhberg. The movie came in with $27 million dollars. Not bad but, not a burner either. The movie has a $61 million budget which is pretty low for a action movie with 2 A list stars.

The Wolverine continues to do well (every body acts like this is bombing). The Wolverine was number 2 with a additional $21 million. It has grabbed $95 million in the USA and factor another $91 million overseas. The Wolverine has made $187 million. A solid $62 million more than it's budget. Sorry but, that's a hit. And this movie should come close to seeing at least $300 million.

The Conjuring continues with strong word of mouth. The little horror movie that could pulled a $13.6 million. That's $108 million US and $12 million worldwide. Now making it $120 million total for a movie that has a $20 million budget. Look for more low budget horror summer releases in the future. Good news for horror fans.

The movie I continue to watch is Pacific Rim. As it has made $92 million in the USA. But, add another $140 million worldwide. That's $232 million. A $42 million profit. It opened real well in China however, whether it's enough for a sequel nobody knows.

RIPD continues it's bombing. The scifi horror something movie was supposed to be a hit. It's now along with Lone Ranger the biggest bomb of the summer. A ugly $48 million worldwide vs $130 million budget.

Red 2 now has a total of $75.9 million worldwide vs a $84 million budget. It has performed strongly overseas like the previous one with a healthy $30 million alone. It should cross it's budget next week.

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