Box Office is in!! Kick Ass 2 opens soft!

Internationals are NOT in yet these are domestic. Internationals later today

Box Office for this weekend was pretty weak overall. The Butler opened with $25 million. Normally, I would not even mention it on my box office report but, it opened number 1.

Very surprising was the soft opening of Kick Ass 2. I actually expected it to do $25-$30 million. The first one did $19 million however, has become a cult hit mainly due to dvd sales and rentals. The sequel opened with a soft $13.6 million.

Elysium continued to hold pretty strong with another $13.5 million dollars. It held the 4th spot on the charts. It has brought in a respectable $55.7 million overall. International totals will be in later today.

2 Guns grabbed another $5.6 million. The action movie with Washington and Walhberg has grossed $59 and is now just $2 million behind it's budget. No word on any international totals for this movie yet.

And in the bomb of the week. Paranoia made $3.6 million. The thriller which has got pretty bad fan reviews you would have thought would have scored more just off Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford being involved. Ouch.

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