Elysium Leads Strong Box Office Comeback! #boxoffice #Elysium

Box Office has been down for a few weeks now. But, it did bounce back pretty well this time. The Matt Damon and Jodie Foster starrer with District 9 director led Elysium scored a pretty good $30.4 million at the box office for the 3 days.

Too early to tell how it's going to do overseas but, District 9 did well. At a $115 million budget we will see how it does overall.

The next 3 new ones are all un-related to sci-fi or horror. We're The Millers had $26 million ($38 million over 5 days), Planes did $22.3 million, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters did a not so great $14 million however, it 5 day release so it's made $23 million total. With a $90 million budget that could be a call for concern. The first one did $226 million worldwide.

2 Guns did a fairly well $11 million and now has a $48 million dollar total. No word on any overseas figures for this film.

The Conjuring continues to be strong for a horror movie. Another $6.7 million added to it's already large $120 million in the USA. Add in $30 million overseas and it's hit $150 million for a $20 million budget. Wow.

Pacific Rim which is probably off sequel watch (as in it's going to get one) took another $1.5 million. That's $97 million USA and adding in $200 million overseas it's made $297 million. It will have probably hit $300 million before I finish this sentence. That's a $100 million profit.

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