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Halloween - The Remake Review (Rob Zombie)

Ok, ok, ok. I will get killed on this post for this. but, i don't give a rats ass. I loved this reimaging of Halloween from Rob Zombie. First, of all i will admit i'm kinda a sucker for Zombie. I dug House of 1000 Corpes and The Devil's Rejects. I like seeing the same characters actors in movies. I was stoked that Ken Foree got in this picture. I absolutely loved the aspect of Michael Myers getting a back story. I liked the white trash kid and abusive family aspect. I'm a very big fan of backstories so shoot me. Rob gave Halloween a raw edgy feel that its been desparately needing. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the previous movies and their always good for a watch but, this hits you in the fucking mouth. It was tremendous to have malcolm macdowell as Dr. Loomis and to see the return of Danielle Harris to a large feature flick was very cool. Rob did not stray too far from the original once Michael ends up back in Haddonfield. Like i said i was big on this picture's back story. I continue to be baffled that fans hammer Rob for this movie. I sometimes wonder if they are even watching the same movie. This movie is raw, dirty, ugly and exactly what this franchise needed. I also like Michael being played by Tyler Mane. He added a very Jason Voorhees quality to Michael in order to bring back a freight train feeling Michael needed. I give this movie 4 axes out of 5. Michael Myers

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