Hatchet 2 Review

Well, I just finished the 2nd installment of the Adam Green's horror saga known as Hatchet and Hatchet 2. I have to admit although I liked the first one I did not go completely ape shit for it the way the rest of the horror community has. It was good but, I am hit or miss on horror/comedies. Hatchet of course brought together some horror icons in Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, and Robert England. But, Todd and England were in there in more of a cameo capacity and although that was pretty cool I thought there was a hair too much slapstick gore and comedy in the first one. So I am pretty much expecting the same for the 2nd flick. It did have its moments of comedy this one did a better job with alittle more believable gore and a tad less comedy. It also brought us Danielle Harris and hell who doesn't like Danielle Harris. Fresh off her Halloween 2 or H2 or whatever the hell that horrible sequel was to Zombie's Halloween. She had a main role in this movie ala her old Halloween 4 and 5 days. And this time Tony Todd had a lengthy starring role. I have to admit I was much more interested toward the end of the movie. The R.A. Mihailoff role was pretty cool as well. Having both Candyman and Leatherface squaring off against Victor Crowley aka Jason Voorhees aka Kane Hodder was quite pleasing. Green does a good job of at least playing to the horror audience by giving us heroes of our past. Of course Kane Hodder plays Crowley to perfection hacking and slashing his way through the swamp. I also found this group of victims alittle more interesting than the first films. I enjoyed the fact that Crowley had at least one some what even throw down with a character and Green delivers a great Friday the 13th The Final Chapter ending to this movie. Lets just say Danielle Harris does her best Corey Feldman impression.... I give this 4 out of 5 axes. I took away 1 axe for the slapstick comedy. Oh... and be sure to check out Friday the 13th Part 7 director John Carl Buechler in the beginning as Jack Cracker. Pretty funny.

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