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Super 8 Review

Well, so I sit down last night and checked out the new J.J. Abrams directed and Steven Spielberg produced flick Super 8. Now this movie according to Abrams is kinda a tribute to Spielberg's old 70's type flicks like Close Encounters. This movie was set in the late 70s centering around a group of kids filming their own zombie flick. Ok, so far pretty darn cool. During the course of shooting this film there is a train crash and something escapes. And in true Coverfield type fashion there is a "something" on the move. Which we really don't get to see for most of the movie. Guess thats supposed to be part of the beauty. Right? Hmmm. There was some attempt at character development between the kids and between the young girl and the lead male kid. I did not get the realness between the two frankly. It almost seemed alittle forced to me. I felt more character development during AMC's Walking Dead mini series... And this is supposed to be a big budget theater movie. So that I felt was lacking. And there were always some suspense in those old Spielberg movies and for me this was just missing the mark. The train crash was pretty good. Nothing serious though. I give it 3 out of 5 axes. Frankly, Battle: Los Angeles was better....

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